Assim na Terra como no Céu

Assim na Terra como no Céu
As Above, so Below --- Assim na Terra como nos Céus

domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011

Oum Mani Padme Um - English translation

Oum Mani Padme Um:

This mantra used to the soul's upliftment, used in some earth regions, is a powerful energy vocalizer. Use it more frequently to elevate your spiritual level.

I am a collective force connected to Earth, and I am not anymore part of one sole soul, but many positive emanations which help reign peace and light above earth. You can call me Christic Force, for we are in service of Christ, earth protector.

Oum mani padme um, let's repeat this mantra and uplift our thoughts in all earth quadrants. We are an ascending energy, we are a gathering of souls energy, which intend and will se the dawn of the new earth.

It is odd to say that, but at the same time that a taxi driver, woried only with his car, his debts and the caotic traffic, drives to the next job, another driver, at the same avenue, is sintonized with what he will find at the end of the route. He is attentive to the traffic, but not nervous, not worried, he is focused on the emotions he will find at his place, projecting a better future, and it is just what he will find, differently from our taxi driver, that at the end of the day will be doing faces just for thinking on the next day, because he is tired.

Planetary Transition is just like that: we choose which driver to be, and how to act on the daily basis. Both worlds co-exists, believe, and only a few can live at the highest part in good intentions and frequencies.

But this division exists only in the mind.

Thus, relax, gaze this future, use this positive thought, use the power of the Light that lives inside you, because you ARE.

Life is made of choices, and this is a blessing, this freewill, that brought so many suffering, also brought evolution, brought to this point in which you can divise fourth and fifth dimensions, places where you are going to live on. Freewill is the most divine gift we've got, and our mission is to give this gift back to the Creator, brighter, more experienced, with mental evolution and therefor more LIGHT. This is what we are made of, and this is our gift to the Creator. Let us not loose time, let us shine strongly th LIGHT, as a divine and creative beacon.

Preace and Love be with you all
with God's Blessing

The Christic Energy, as we are ONE

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