Assim na Terra como no Céu

Assim na Terra como no Céu
As Above, so Below --- Assim na Terra como nos Céus

sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

primeira mensagem de Surian

Beloved ones. My name is Surian and I come from a ship connected to the Higher Force, My skills are to negociate to forces on Earth, and by that I urge you to help me and all the Galactic Force with higher vibrations. I (and the entire fleet linked to this operation) have to deal with different levels of forces, from the highest to the lowest, in wich we are determined to swipe from the face of the earth, and help Gaia on her ascencion.
I command several ships and work with many embassadors, who talk to human leaders - political leaders and also the real leaders that will take place on the forthcoming governments. We are well prepared to overcome and connect to them as we feel the need to. I am from Sirius, long living with you.
I am doing an impressive work to deal and defeat the dark forces and I need more help from the humans. Here’s a sign I have to show you. they’re to be shown all over the world - the kauna symbol

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