Assim na Terra como no Céu

Assim na Terra como no Céu
As Above, so Below --- Assim na Terra como nos Céus

sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Segunda mensagem de Surian

Beloved ones, I am Surian, Commander Surian. I am responsible for taking actions concerned to your leaders and ours. We follow an agenda defined by The Highest One, and that is not questionable. What we can negotiate is how these implementations will take place on earth, because our victory is already a fact and I am dealing with the practical terms of the following days.

We are responsible for maintaining a social system running and that cannot be delivered on the hands of the politicians that have already been there taking advantage of the power over the people. That is our main effort now.

For that we urge you to set on some of your prayers some energy to that new form of a political system. Imagine the most important governor on earth receiving the humblest person on earth to a hearing. The most powerful ones (politically) have to hear all of his people, with no discrimination.

Imagine a system where the personal effort can be rewarded. Yes, there will be differences of incomes, free will allows this, because the most strained ones, doing actions to the benefit of all must be rewarded physically and on higher vibrations. There will be no misery, no poverty, no famine, no personal advantages over other people’s lives. Imagine this, some wealthy and some less wealthy, but by personal choice, not by greedy man actions.

Your prays help to set the specific energy to that happen. So, without the slightest spark of fear, imagine a social and financial system for the New Era, for manhood, as you always wanted. A system good for all, equal, attentive, providing all the basics - food, energy, transportation, medical assistance (we call cosmic assistance), education, housing.

Yes, let this system be made of smiles and good feelings, yes, money can be fun to work with, it is not necessarily an energy obliterated as it is set nowadays. Yes, the basics can be given to all, for Mother Earth is the mother of all. As the New Day approaches, we can start thinking about our new society.  Yes, ours, because we are all brothers in One.

Peace and Love

As above < so below

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