Assim na Terra como no Céu

Assim na Terra como no Céu
As Above, so Below --- Assim na Terra como nos Céus

segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2012

The last task

No man can be diverted from its own destiny. It was designed long time before coming to this planet and it was accorded with the individual permission and the divine forces. As we are all angels marching towards the Light.
Therefore, accept who you are, and try doing your best to shine the Light at your environment.  Do imagine that, wherever you find yourself actually, Light is needed. Your previous experiences set you perfectly to do this task: enlighten your surroundings. It does not matter if you are at a fancy place or a very dark one, what it counts is your ability to, consciously, restore the Power of Love. Light and Love has to shine everywhere, and only Love, through the purest Light may redeem the world. Any other attempt will conduct to struggled feelings. What is needed is Love.
Be prepared. You will be asked to show your Light Power. Forces will try to “shut you down”. Be alert. Calm and happy. They will reach you at your weakest spot, and you will doubt every belief you have. Relationships, beloved ones, social situation, financial oscillations, health status, everything will be tested.
This is the final stage to wipe the malevolent influence and overlap the purest feeling of the Divine Creator: Love.
May the blessings of all ascended beings touch you to fulfill this task. We will gather soon to celebrate your mission and our last battle before Ascension.

Surian (Ashtar command)

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