Assim na Terra como no Céu

Assim na Terra como no Céu
As Above, so Below --- Assim na Terra como nos Céus

sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

Light - by MIchael (english version - portuguese below)

Blessed be all of you.

The Light of Love is changing your reality, your planet, a single drop into this cosmic ocean, but a transcendental change, very important, towards the development of all beings.

This Light comes from your Love thoughts, your Love acts, your living in Love, from the effort of whittling the Love within the suffering hearts of the humanity. Love is the only and truthful bareer against any kind of madness.

That is the reason of the expression: Love God above all, because He is the purest love. Loving God is expanding this love. Second expression: Love one another as I have been loving you, be the dayly exercise of this expansion of love, thus it can pervade all beings, forming a huge quilt of loving energy.

There is no rules, no leaders. The evolution is inside each one of you that, expanding the love energy, gathers to more and more light beings and makes vibrating an intense radiant energy all over the planet.

I am Michael, guardian of the earthly most vibrating love energy, happy and in communion with all of you who generate this radiant and transforming love.

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